Assemblies and Tutor Time

Our British online school makes distance learning engaging by allowing students to participate in mainstream school activities. 

Online Assemblies 

We host assemblies for each year group in line with UK and global celebrations and events..  All students are requested to attend online assemblies according to their group schedule. Assemblies allow our student body to celebrate important days like Earth Day, World Literacy Day, and Children’s Day, etc  

We also wish to utilise assembly time to celebrate our students’ personal and academic achievements. We believe that hard work really does need to be recognised by all members of the IWS community and this is the perfect forum to show off the exceptional students we have. This may vary from applauding punctuality and attendance to sharing written pieces of work.

In addition to this, we organise presentations on core IWS values like kindness, honesty, sharing and other good acts. Our school’s mission and philosophy is something that all members of our community hold dear to their hearts and we wish to reinforce this throughout the academic year in new and exciting ways. 

Concepts introduced in the assemblies are reinforced in class through discussions and group assignments. Older students will learn about cyberbullying, peer pressure and other age-appropriate topics.

Young African American Girl Doing online video call with teacher from home

Cross curricular content is something deeply embedded within our system. Therefore assemblies will also be an opportunity to celebrate events such as space week, water safety week etc., to align with lessons students might learn in class. We dont believe all learning has to happen in the classroom!

These activities increase social awareness, introduce cultural events, and create a community spirit amongst our online learners. In turn, it teaches them that digital learning doesn’t have to be isolated, after all we are social beings and by doing this we feel we are allowing students to feel they are a valued part of the IWS community.

Tutor Programmes 

Tutor time is a critical component of our school day.

The IW School Development Programme states the following:

We assign a UK qualified educator as “Form Tutor” for each year. Designated tutors observe student behaviour inside the class to monitor academic and interpersonal learning progress. Their primary goal is to focus on providing pastoral care and academic support to IWS students. They will do this by motivating shy learners to actively participate in class, act as a mentor for any concerns or questions the student may have and inculcating a passion for learning in each child so they can excel in all subjects. 

Despite being an online school, IWS aims to create a proper routine for learners as we know this is a necessity. We do this by starting every school day with an assembly or tutoring session each year.  Having a well-structured and holistic educational environment allows students to focus on their studies and have time to prepare themselves before the start of the day. It also gives them a chance to build meaningful relations with their peers and the teaching faculty. 

More importantly, beginning school days with assemblies and tutor time prepares learners for their virtual classes. It gets them into a study mode to ensure that they settle in before the lesson begins and gets their brains ready for a day full of fruitful learning.

Have a question? Book a call with our course coordinators for more information. 

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