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Cambridge Primary

Discover IWS Online School, your gateway to a comprehensive Cambridge Primary International Curriculum tailored for primary students. Our accredited UK-based virtual school is currently undergoing the authorization process with Cambridge Assessment International Education.

We deliver top-quality A Level teaching to successfully prepare students to achieve their academic goals.

Empowering Young Minds: IWS Online School's Comprehensive Primary Curriculum

Accessible Quality Education for Every Child

Cambridge Primary at IWS Online School

IWS Online School is committed to providing high-quality primary education that is accessible and affordable for all families. By offering various budget-friendly options and eliminating commuting costs through online learning, we ensure that quality education is a right for every child.

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Fostering Inquisitive, Globally-Aware Citizens

Comprehensive Primary Support at IWS Online School

Our holistic curriculum, featuring subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and more, is designed to produce well-rounded global citizens. We prioritise learning experiences over grades, emphasising the application of knowledge in real-world scenarios. Our dedicated teachers empower students to excel academically and prepare them for future educational challenges.

Primary Subjects

Maximise your academic potential with IWS Online School. Explore our Primary subjects here and combine current studies with IWS courses for exam preparation or further study.

At IWS Online School, primary students enjoy 24/7 access to expertly tailored, top-notch education from our skilled online instructors.
Discover active, hands-on learning through thought-provoking assignments, projects, and diverse assessments at IWS Online School.
Elevate confidence through virtual simulations and diverse extracurriculars at IWS Online School, guided by our exceptional, supportive teachers.

Cambridge Primary Tuition Fees

Our initial meeting is free with no obligations. If you decide to enroll, our flexible fee structure includes a £200 one-time fee covering comprehensive tests to tailor your child’s education. For pricing details, visit our tuition fees page.

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