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Cambridge Secondary

At IWS Online School, Middle level Education commences at age 11, culminating with students undertaking the prestigious Cambridge I/GCSE exams. This educational journey encompasses two distinct phases: Middle (spanning the initial three years) and I/GCSE (comprising two years). Upon successful completion, students will be well-prepared to embark on their A-Level studies.

We deliver top-quality A Level teaching to successfully prepare students to achieve their academic goals.

Guiding Students to Success: IWS Online School's Middle Cambridge Programme

Structured Learning Journey from Age 11

Cambridge Secondary at IWS Online School

Embark on a well-defined path of Middle Education, commencing at age 11 and culminating in the prestigious Cambridge I/GCSE examinations. This educational journey is divided into Middle (3 years) and I/GCSE (2 years).

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Empowering Students for Academic Excellence

Comprehensive Secondary Support at IWS Online School

Our Middle Education program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the Cambridge I/GCSE examinations. With a carefully crafted curriculum spanning both Middle and I/GCSE phases, students emerge well-prepared and confident for future academic endeavours.

Secondary Subjects

Maximise your academic potential with IWS Online School. Explore our Secondary subjects here and combine current studies with IWS courses for exam preparation or further study.

Discover tailored online learning for middle students: live lessons, accessible course materials, and organised schedules.
Interactive classes with engaging activities, diverse assessments, and virtual simulations for enhanced learning.
We are committed to providing high-quality, accessible British middle education with flexible payment options to suit every budget.

Cambridge Secondary Tuition Fees

Our initial meeting is free with no obligations. If you decide to enroll, our flexible fee structure includes a £200 one-time fee covering comprehensive tests to tailor your child’s education. For pricing details, visit our tuition fees page.

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