Career Guidance

At IWS, we begin career guidance from year 7.
We believe early career guidance at IWS equips students to make informed and passionate career choices.
It ensures they have the necessary skills for a successful career.

Guidance at IWS is crucial to direct students towards the right career paths. Our career advisers inform students about the qualifications needed for their desired roles. This prepares them for further education, employment, or training after leaving school.

Our teachers aim to expand students’ perspectives, inspiring them with the vast array of career opportunities ahead.

Benefits of Early Career Guidance:

Motivate students for their future careers.

Highlight the connection between current studies and future opportunities.

Motivate students for their future careers.

Enhance achievement levels.

Encourage students to discover their skills and passions.

Boost learners' confidence.

Our Method

We use career and personality assessments, helping students identify the perfect career path. We also deploy comprehensive assessments to test students’ current academic abilities.


These tests forecast I/GCSE and A-level grades. Our staff ensures both students and parents understand the results thoroughly.


At IWS, we stress the importance of early guidance. Our dedicated career counsellors, in collaboration with experts, support students through university applications.


We also host webinars on topics like character analysis, learning styles, and career possibilities, often joined by university representatives who share their expertise.

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