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Welcome to the IWS Parents' Forum

This is a collaborative space initiated by parents and teachers aiming to champion equality and accessibility within our Cambridge international school system. Recognising the importance of parents’ perspectives, IWS has established this forum for parents to communicate with each other and our teaching staff.


Our online Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) works closely with the school faculty and administrative team to address essential learning aspects. Its main function is to foster clear communication between families and the school staff. Several parents utilise this platform to introduce creative solutions to enhance online learning, from suggesting advanced educational tools to setting up local support groups. Additionally, it serves as a channel for parents to remain connected with the wider IWS community.


We also invite parents to engage in various school activities throughout the year, whether it be fundraising initiatives led by the student council or contributing as representatives in awareness drives.

Connecting IWS Families

The PTA equips parents by providing educational resources, workshops, and focused discussions to support their child’s academic growth. The team is available to address queries and assist families in adapting to our online Cambridge international school system. Occassionally, we offer orientation sessions and workshops tailored for new parents, covering essential aspects of digital school life, such as managing technology or overseeing virtual learning.


Furthermore, PTA gatherings keep parents informed about school happenings and ensure they’re alerted about forthcoming events, from crucial assemblies and term examinations to progress discussions and other school-related activities. 

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