Student Council

Uniting the IWS Community

IWS offers online students an opportunity to hone leadership and interpersonal skills by participating in the Student Council. Each year group elects committee members, with the input of both students and IWS teachers. We urge students to embrace additional responsibilities, representing their peers. Their voice and engagement are crucial to us.

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a team of elected students working in tandem with teachers and school management. This group serves as a platform for student opinions, concerns, and engagement in school events and initiatives. It offers students invaluable experience in leadership and collaboration across various school matters.


Student representatives can host online events and uncharitable campaigns under teacher supervision, organise team activities to boost a  school community spirit and can increase awareness within their classes about global issues that affect us.


The Council acts as a bridge between students and the school administration, communicating important concerns from the student body to IWS staff and collaborating on suitable resolutions.


How the Student Council Operates:


Members, once elected, convene online for monthly meetings. During these sessions, they can nominate and choose key Council positions such as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Each primary representative assumes a distinct role within the Council, supported by their fellow members.

Student Council
seeks to:

Foster confidence promotes team leadership. 

Establish a positive and respectful atmosphere for all students.

Organise online events and other activities throughout the school year.

Utilise its platform to aid the wider community through fundraising, petitions, recycling initiatives, and other charitable events. 

Create role models for the IWS community by teaching students to become thoughtful individuals who work together for the community’s welfare

Provide a platform for students to voice their opinions on various topics both in and outside the classroom setting.

Promote positive Citizenship, Scholarship, and Human Relations.

The Council offers students a prime chance to refine their leadership, planning, and collaboration abilities. It also serves as a nexus for students from various backgrounds.

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