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Your pathway to globally recognised Cambridge accreditation!

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Combine your local curriculum with the Cambridge International programme!

Available for A Level, IGCSE, Middle, and Primary School

Graduate with a dual diploma through your local school and IWS! Our Double Diploma programme is tailored to fit seamlessly into after-school hours, allowing students to achieve their dreams of world-class education and a globally recognised qualification. Broaden your horizons and unlock your potential with IWS!
The Double Diploma programme elevates students’ academic journeys by integrating the globally recognised Cambridge curriculum with their local syllabus. This combination enriches the educational experience and empowers qualifications with a prestigious accreditation alongside the student’s local diploma, marking their capability to thrive in varied academic settings.
Our programme ensures no disruption to the existing school schedule. Through live, interactive sessions customised to meet your school’s specific needs, we focus on comprehensive exam preparation and targeted teaching strategies to bridge learning gaps.
Students enrolled in the Double Diploma programme gain a competitive edge in the international academic landscape, enhancing their admission prospects to top universities worldwide. The programme fosters a well-rounded skill set, adaptability, and a global outlook—indispensable qualities for personal development and future success!
A unique feature of the Double Diploma programme is our dedicated Success Coaching team, where one coach is assigned to each student. Our coaches provide personalised support, guide students through their academic journey, and ensure they achieve their full potential and navigate their path with confidence.

Why Choose IWS Double Diploma?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Combine local school curricula with the Cambridge curriculum, offering an enriched educational experience from primary to A Level.


Embark on a journey that enhances academic credentials with internationally recognised Cambridge qualifications, opening pathways to prestigious universities and global career opportunities.


Engage in interactive, online lessons delivered by qualified educators who use cutting-edge platforms and tools for a dynamic learning experience.


Benefit from flexible subject choices and individualised support, including success coaching tailored to each student’s needs and aspirations.

Convenience and Flexibility

Designed to complement the existing school timetable, the Double Diploma programme offers live, interactive sessions after school hours, ensuring comprehensive study without disrupting daily routines.

Programme Information

Explore the structure and fees for the IWS Double Diploma programme

Programme Structure


Programme Fees

Programme Structure

Programme Fees

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Discover a learning pathway that opens up boundless opportunities for academic and personal growth. Let’s lay the foundation for a successful future on national and global platforms, together!

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