Inclusive Learning

SEND Provision

An inclusive school is one where every student is embraced, irrespective of gender, race, socio-economic status, or educational requirements.


Legislative milestones such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, and the Equality Act 2006 were enacted to dismantle barriers caused by disability. These laws enforce the prohibition of discrimination and mandate educational institutions to make appropriate adjustments for disabled students or those with special educational needs, affording them equal opportunities.


Section 13(1)(a) of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act mandates that ‘disabled pupils must not be at a significant disadvantage compared to non-disabled pupils’ concerning ‘education and associated services provided or made available’. This requires the education system to take a proactive stance in order  to foster an environment of inclusivity and equality, a commitment that IWS is dedicated to achieving..

About iVA Summer School

At the core of IWE’s ethos, we take pride in our comprehensive approach that caters to the entire spectrum of student needs, ranging from the gifted and talented to those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities(SEND), and everyone in between. We devise personalised learning plans that are tailored and differentiated, accommodating various learning styles, thus enabling each student to realise their full potential.


Upon joining, you will have an informal meeting with our school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) to discuss any concerns and provide a history of any medical or educational requirements.


Our SENDCo spearheads effective strategies to support students at risk of underachievement. Further clinical or educational assessments by a specialist may be necessary, depending on individual student needs, which would incur an additional charge.

Upon understanding a child’s unique requirements, our teachers collaborate with experts and review previous assessments to build a tailored profile for each student. This information is shared among the teaching staff to ensure a unified approach.  We will also liaise with parents to ensure that they can also be a part of their child’s learning process and can support where needed.

Gifted and Talented Programme

Our online school provides a global stage for exceptionally bright and talented pupils to further develop their abilities.

Gifted and talented students at IWS are those who show remarkable intellectual capabilities and have the potential to achieve academic milestones more rapidly than their peers. Our Cambridge international school offers specific support for these students. We aim to create an environment that nurtures and encourages their advancement.


IWS supports gifted learners by:

Furthermore, we recognise their need for intellectually stimulating tasks. To meet their distinct educational needs, we offer challenges through complex activities. At times, these students might encounter assignments and homework that are particularly demanding, ensuring that they are not limited by work that does not match their advanced learning level.

We encourage these learners to engage in academic competitions globally. Some events are centred on STEM subjects, while others celebrate creative and artistic talent.


The following are international contests that IWS students are invited to participate in:

These opportunities allow students to pit their wits and abilities against an international field, and to interact with equally gifted students from around the world.


Such interactions enable them to find peers with similar interests and goals, broadening their social network and opening doors to active participation in various academic communities.


Overall, these events present new horizons for gifted and talented students to display their talent and gain knowledge beyond the traditional classroom setting.

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Specialised Programmes
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