Initial Meeting

An Exclusive Invitation to Connect
Welcome to the IWS Online School’s initial meeting. We believe in creating genuine connections with our future families, offering you a personalised introduction to our institution.
In these modern times, we’ve embraced the convenience and flexibility of online interactions. Our face-to-face consultations are seamlessly conducted through Google Meets, ensuring an interactive and intimate conversation.
Booking your session couldn’t be simpler

Secure your time slot directly through our website.

Alternatively, utilise the link we’ve sent in our email correspondences following your website form enquiries.

Meeting Duration
Tailored to Your Needs We’ve allotted 30 minutes for each consultation to ensure comprehensive discussions. However, we’re more than happy to extend our conversation should you require additional time to explore specific queries.
A Warm Introduction
We’ll provide an overview of IWS Online School, illuminating our core ethos and the unique value we bring to the realm of online education.
Understanding Your Perspective
Our priority lies in getting to know you. By grasping the reasons you’ve approached us, we can adapt our dialogue to address your unique interests and concerns.
Navigating Challenges Together
Should you face any particular challenges or uncertainties, our team is here to guide and advise, ensuring you’re well-equipped with solutions.
Your Queries Addressed
Every question is significant. Whether they relate to the admissions process, specific courses, fee structures, or payment modalities, we’re here to provide clarity on all fronts.

Connect with IWS: Where enquiries find answers and concepts spark innovation.

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IWS Online School offers students an exceptional Cambridge-accredited British curriculum. Experience excellence in education, join us today!

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