Lack of Bullying in online school

25 August, 2023


What is Bullying?:

In today’s interconnected world, bullying is a significant concern that involves aggressive behaviour using power to harm or intimidate others. It can manifest in various ways, such as physical, verbal, social, and cyberbullying, leading to severe consequences like anxiety, school avoidance, social isolation and emotional distress. At IWS, we stand united to combat bullying and ensure a safe, inclusive learning environment where kindness and respect prevail, protecting all our students.

Why is bullying a serious matter?

Bullying is a significant issue that can have long lasting effects on a student’s well-being and academic performance. IWS has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying in any form. As a school we prioritise our student’s safety and are dedicated to creating an environment where students can thrive without fearing, intimidation, harassment or excursion. We assure parents and students that our school takes appropriate disciplinary actions against any incidents or indications of bullying to ensure the safety of the victim and the school’s community. We investigate each situation thoroughly and apply disciplinary measures as necessary, ensuring the safety and well-being of the victim and the broader school community in line with our frequently reviewed Anti-bullying Policy.

How do you tell if your child is getting bullied? 

  • 1. Emotional Changes: Your child may display sudden emotional changes such as becoming anxious, withdrawn, or moody. They may also exhibit signs of sadness, fear, or a decline in self-esteem.
  • 2. Physical Injuries: Unexplained bruises, scratches, or other physical injuries may be signs that your child is being physically bullied.
  • 3. Unwillingness to Attend School: If your child starts expressing reluctance or fear about going to school, it could be an indication for bullying happening in the school environment.
  • 4. Decrease in Academic Performance: Bullying can affect a child’s ability to focus on their studies. A significant drop in academic performance may be a sign that your child is struggling with bullying in school. 
  • 5. Changes in Social Behaviour: If your child suddenly avoids social situations, loses friends, or experiences difficulty making new friends, it could be related to bullying.

How does Online Schooling prevent bullying?The virtual nature of online learning creates a controlled and supervised environment, making it easier for educators to monitor students’ interactions and address any potential issues promptly. Additionally, the absence of face-to-face interactions can reduce the likelihood of impulsive or aggressive behaviour and the geographic diversity of online schools allow students to interact with peers from various backgrounds, fostering a greater sense of inclusion and reducing the tendency for cliques or exclusion. Overall, the combination of increased supervision, a focus on positive values, and a diverse and inclusive community in online schools contributes to a reduced incidence of bullying and a safer learning environment for all students.

Involving Parents or Guardians:

To effectively deal with unfortunate bullying scenarios it is essential for schools to have a partnership with parents or guardians. At IWS we actively engage parents in anti-bullying efforts through our online Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA), which plays a crucial role in fostering a safe and supportive environment for our students. 

Moreover, the PTA encourages parents to participate in various campus activities throughout the year. These activities extend to initiatives organised by the student council, including fundraisers and awareness campaigns. By becoming spokespersons during these campaigns, parents actively contribute to creating a safer and more inclusive environment, raising awareness about the harmful impacts of bullying, and promoting understanding and empathy among the school community.

At IWS, we firmly believe that parents and schools are essential partners in ensuring the safety and well-being of our students. By actively involving parents through our PTA and fostering a collaborative approach, we strengthen our anti-bullying efforts and create a foundation for a more respectful, empathetic, and secure learning environment.

Discover how parents and schools can collaborate to create a safe learning environment by scheduling a call with one of our safeguarding staff members. 

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