Leadership Team

Matt Vickery

Head of Strategic Development

As the Executive Head Teacher at IWS Online School, Matt brings 28 years of teaching experience, including roles as Head Teacher in two traditional schools. He pioneered online education, making IWS the first registered Cambridge Assessment International Education online school. Matt's passion lies in understanding learning processes and integrating emerging technologies, starting from programming BBC computers in 1982 to teaching in the MetaVerse today.

Gemma Smith-Alaxander

Executive Headteacher

Gemma is a passionate educational leader and humanitarian with a diverse background in education, leadership, and writing. Based in Essex, England, she excels at inspiring others to reach their full potential while radiating positivity. Driven by a deep love for education, writing, and cultural awareness, Gemma is committed to making a lasting impact and guiding towards a brighter future for all.

Graham W

Head of Sixth Form and Science

Graham, the Head of Sixth Form and Science at IWS Online School, brings 30 years of teaching expertise, including leadership roles and serving as a GCSE examiner. He advocates for the importance of Science and interdisciplinary connections. Currently, his focus is on enhancing online education accessibility for students globally, regardless of their location.

Lori Cali

Head of Teaching and Learning

Lori Cali is the English teacher at IWS Online. She has taught in many different schools in the UK and overseas such as Dubai, Bulgaria and Albania. In her free time, Lori enjoys reading books from different genres, travelling and spending time with her daughter Amelia.

Mohammed Ghani

Head of Technology and Innovation

Mohammed Ghani is an accomplished Computer Science and Mathematics teacher. With a strong academic foundation, including a Postgraduate Certificate in Education ICT and a Master's degree in Electronic and Software Engineering. He has held teaching and leadership positions at St Albans Girls School, Bristol Islamic School, British School of Egypt and have shared his expertise in various UK colleges. His interests lie in remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in education.

Sarah Cihan

Head of LMS and QA

Sarah Cihan, our dedicated LMS Administrator, Support Teacher, and Interactive Course Designer at IWS, brings exceptional expertise. With a top-tier Physics degree and a Masters, her commitment to education shines. As the longest-serving IWS member, Sarah's teaching experience is unparalleled. In her role, she ensures seamless digital learning and transforms content into engaging experiences. Sarah's passion, effective communication, and unwavering support make her invaluable.


Before becoming a teacher, Alex worked as a professional sound and video editor and makes it his top priority to share his industry expertise with students. He believes that hands-on learning is essential for students to truly master key skills and strives to create a virtual classroom environment that is both engaging and interactive. When not teaching he enjoys performing music, going to the cinema and sailing.

Bronwyn, an experienced History teacher, holds degrees in Ancient History and Greco-Roman Society, along with a Master's in History Education and a PGCE in History. With over 15 years of teaching experience and expertise as an AS/A Level Cambridge examiner, she caters to diverse learning styles, including students with special needs. Excited to join International Well-Rounded School as Grade 10 History teacher and Quality Programme Head, she balances her passion for teaching with pursuing a PhD, reading Fantasy/Sci-Fi, and connecting with nature through trail running.

Danielle Roodt, based in sunny South Africa, teaches Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Global Perspectives at IWS Online School. She relishes her role as an online educator and finds joy in connecting with her students. Beyond teaching, Danielle loves outdoor activities like hiking and horse riding, appreciating nature and animals. Her passion lies in making a positive impact on her students' lives, aiming to foster their success and holistic development as she continuously grows as an educator.

James is a Sociology and Psychology Teacher and joined the school in September 2023. James is a sociology graduate and qualified teacher. He has now been working in teaching and learning for almost 10 years. Another part of James’ role at IWS is Extra-Curriculum Coordinator. Aside from teaching, James likes football, sports, music, model railways and baking.

Success Coaches

Eda Sahin
Success Coach

Eda is a driven undergraduate neuropsychology student with an enthusiasm for personality psychology. She strongly believes in the process of personal growth through continuous support and is in constant pursuit of understanding the intricate workings of the human brain. Beyond her studies, Eda takes on the role of managing the TikTok account for IWS and contributes by providing engaging and informative content. Her interests, aside from her passion for the human psyche, are books and research into various areas such as history.

Kseniia Zarkhina
Success Coach

Kseniia, a compassionate success coach, draws from almost a decade of experience in helping professions, blending her expertise in Arts and Business. With a talent for empathetic listening and fluency in five languages, she addresses individual needs with understanding and compassion. Pursuing her third degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, her focus on mental health and the brain's influence on learning deepens her understanding of human behaviour, enhancing her ability to empower others to achieve their full potential.

Selma Karaagac
Success Coach

With two decades of experience as an Education Counselor, Selma excels in fostering communication and engagement within the school community. Armed with a postgraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, she deeply understands human behaviour and is skilled at building meaningful connections. Selma's passion lies in enhancing student success and delving into the psychology of adolescents. Her unwavering commitment to promoting communication and engagement makes her a trusted advocate for the entire school community on their educational journey.

Sena Saatci
Success Coach

Ms. Sena Saatci, a dedicated Success Coach, prioritises students' mental well-being and believes in their untapped potential for academic and personal achievements. Holding a BSc Honours degree in Psychology from Heriot-Watt University, she is also a certified NLP Practitioner, emphasising Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Sena's commitment to delivering top-notch coaching care aligns with her passion for swimming, where she is a qualified SEQ Swim Teacher.

Admissions Team

Melis Zekisheva
Admissions Officer

Melis Zekisheva, our admissions assistant, enriches our IWS community with her diverse cultural perspective. Passionate about helping others, she warmly welcomes and assists parents and students. Melis is a dedicated team member, aiming for progress and positive contributions to IWS and the environment. She values a balanced life, dedicating time to regular fitness centre visits.

Anel Abtulova
Admissions Officer

Anel Abtulova is the Admissions Officer at IWS. With a passion for effective communication and a love for learning, she assists prospective students on their educational journey. In her spare time, Anel enjoys exploring new places and immersing herself in diverse cultures, feeding her curiosity and enriching her understanding of the world.

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