Scholarship Openings for Summer School London 2024

At IWS, we believe in the power of education and its ability to open doors to a world of opportunities. This summer, we’re proud to offer Summer School scholarships for international students that reflect our commitment to nurturing young minds and making a lasting impact. Hosted at Roehampton University, London, and Tonbridge School, Kent, our Cambridge summer school programmes are designed for ambitious students aged 9-18 who are eager to excel academically and grow personally.

Scholarships That Make a Difference

We proudly offer Summer School scholarships for international students that make our programmes accessible to learners from all backgrounds. These scholarships are an investment in the futures of young minds and are available in several categories:


  • Academic Excellence: For students with outstanding academic achievements.
  • Leadership & Community Service: Recognising students who have contributed significantly through leadership and service.
  • Special Talents: Celebrating students with exceptional talents in arts, sports, and more.
  • Environmental Advocacy: Supporting students passionate about environmental sustainability.

These scholarships can cover partial to full programme costs (up to 100%), demonstrating our belief in the value of education and its impact on students’ lives.

Applicants must provide relevant documentation, such as academic transcripts, personal statements, and portfolios, to support their scholarship application.

Our Premier Summer School Programmes

Academic Excellence at Roehampton University, London:

  • Focus: Ideal for students engaged with international curricula, concentrating on exam preparation for IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and SAT.
  • Features: Dive into 30 in-depth lessons, enjoy cultural excursions to Cambridge and London, and participate in enriching workshops.
  • Date: 2 to 23 August 2024
  • Location: Roehampton University, London

Skills Evolution at Tonbridge School, Kent:

  • Focus: Enhancing public speaking, leadership, English, and STEM skills through dynamic engagement and diverse activities.
  • Features: Engage in creative workshops, movie making, career guidance, and social events for a comprehensive skills-building experience.
  • Date: 12 July to 23 August 2024
  • Location: Tonbridge School, Kent

Why Choose IWS Online School?

As a Cambridge-accredited school, IWS Online School champions more than academic excellence; our Cambridge Summer School programmes are designed to nurture personal growth and cultural awareness and forge lifelong friendships. Seize the opportunity to excel in an environment that recognises and actively supports your potential and ambitions. Our adherence to the highest educational standards prepares you for both academic and personal success.

Hear From Our Community

Student Testimonials:

  • Sophie, 16: “The summer I spent at IWS transformed me. The rigorous academic programme challenged me, but the friendships I made and the cultural experiences I had were what truly changed me. I returned home more confident and ready for any challenge.”
  • Liam, 17: “Studying for my A-Levels at IWS was intense yet incredibly rewarding. The quality of teaching and the supportive environment were outstanding. Exploring London was an unforgettable experience!”
  • Ethan, 11: “IWS made my summer awesome! Learning was fun, and the trips around London were the best. I made so many friends from different countries. I can’t wait to go back next summer!”

Parent Testimonials:

  • Ms. Thompson: “The growth in my daughter after her IWS summer was incredible. Not only did her academic skills improve, but she also grew in confidence and became much more independent. The programme was truly enriching.”
  • Mr. Patel: “My son had an amazing experience at IWS. The combination of rigorous academics and enriching extracurricular activities is exceptional. He’s already looking forward to returning next summer!”

Ready to Transform Your Summer?

Apply Now: Begin your journey with us by selecting the scholarship category that best reflects your achievements and aspirations. Complete your application and submit the necessary documents by the 15th of March 2024 to seize this unparalleled opportunity.

Have Questions?

Please check our FAQs or contact us directly if you need more details about the application process, our scholarships, or the programme specifics. At IWS, we are committed to ensuring your summer is memorable and impactful.

Stay Updated

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Seats for scholarships are limited, and once we reach our quota, we won’t be able to offer any more awards. Apply now to reserve your spot and prepare for a summer adventure with IWS!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
A: Students aged 9-18 interested in boosting their academic profile or enhancing key life skills are welcome. Our programmes cater to a diverse range of academic interests and needs.
A: As a Cambridge-accredited institution, IWS stands out for blending rigorous academic preparation with opportunities for personal growth and cultural exploration. Our commitment to a nurturing and enriching learning environment is unwavering.
A: Select the scholarship category that aligns with your achievements or aspirations. Fill out the online application form and upload the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts and personal statements, by the application deadline.
A: Scholarships offer partial to full coverage of programme fees, excluding flights and visa costs. For detailed coverage information, please visit our website.
A: Scholarships can cover stays from 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the application and the specific programme you’re enrolled in.
A: The Skills Evolution programme runs from 12 July to 23 August, while the Academic Excellence programme is from 2 to 23 August.
A: The Academic Excellence programme takes place at Roehampton University, London, while the Skills Evolution programme is hosted at Tonbridge School, Kent.
A: In Roehampton, students enjoy ensuite rooms with private bathrooms, providing comfort and convenience. At Tonbridge, accommodation consists of shared rooms with shared bathrooms, fostering community and camaraderie.
A: The Academic Excellence programme at Roehampton is £2200 for 1 week, while the Skills Evolution programme at Tonbridge is £1925 for 1 week.
A: Yes, both programmes include cultural excursions to Cambridge and London, creative workshops, career guidance sessions, and social events like concerts and BBQs, offering a well-rounded summer experience.
A: The deadline for scholarship applications is 15th March. Early applications are encouraged to ensure placement and scholarship availability.
A: Recipients are chosen based on academic achievements, financial need, leadership qualities, special talents, or dedication to diversity and environmental advocacy. Our selection committee conducts a thorough review of each application.
A: Yes, we welcome applications from international students. Please note that international applicants are responsible for their flight and visa arrangements.
A: For additional information or help with the application process, visit our Contact Us page or reach out through our website’s provided contact details. Our team is here to support you.
A: No, scholarship awards are designated for programme fees and cannot be exchanged for other awards or monetary compensation. These scholarships are intended to support the educational experience our summer programmes provide directly.

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