Summer School

Skills Evolution Programme

Join us at Tonbridge School for an exciting and enriching summer experience!

We believe in empowering students to master essential skills for personal and academic growth. Our Skills Evolution programme is designed to do just that.

Prepare for a world of adventure and learning with a programme that combines history, nature, and thrilling activities. Students will have the opportunity to explore the historical wonders of Tonbridge Castle, and the serene beauty of Barden Lake Park, while day trips to London and Cambridge allow students with an academic curiosity to visit world-renowned museums.


For Ages


Starting from

Start Dates


+8 years

2 weeks


12 Jul, 23 Aug

Outdoor & Additional Activities

Play a variety of sports.
Team-building challenges to bond and grow.
A treasure trove of games and movies.
Creative movie-making sessions.
Shop ’til you drop.
Dance your heart out at our disco nights.
Be the star at our talent show.


Step back in time at Tonbridge Castle and Barden Lake Park.
Soak in nature’s brilliance at Dunorlan Park.
Revel in boat tours and energetic outdoor games.
A day trip into the very heart of London.
Wander the streets of historic Cambridge.

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Why Choose IWS Summer School?

Cambridge Accredited

Our programmes are accredited by Cambridge International, offering world-class education and global recognition.

Expert Faculty

Learn from renowned instructors and experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.

Global Exposure

Experience cultural enrichment alongside global peers, expanding your horizons with diverse perspectives.

Fun Learning and Excursions

Delve into British culture and history while having fun through engaging excursions and experiential learning.

Personalised Mentorship

A highly flexible learning environment enabling students to customise their schedules to meet individual needs and preferences.


“My time at IWS Summer School was truly exceptional. The academic rigour, coupled with engaging activities and excursions, made for a well-rounded summer experience. I’ve gained not only knowledge but also lifelong friendships.”


“As a parent, I was impressed by the personalised mentorship my child received at IWS Summer School. The combination of academic excellence and character development is truly commendable.”


“IWS Summer School has been an invaluable partner in our mission to provide quality education. Their commitment to academic excellence and global engagement aligns perfectly with our goals.”


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